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A Clean Engine Starts with Clean Fuel

Diesel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Fuel Economy, Diesel Defender

By Rich Guida

Keeping your engine running its best can be – and maybe even should be – an obsession. A well-maintained engine performs better, has an extended life, and actually costs less than one prone to issues. But how do you get the most from your engine? It all starts with what goes into it. Even more specifically, the fuel you use.

All diesel fuel is not the same. Just like with gasoline, some brands and blends are better than others. With diesel, the common denominator is the baseline fuel out there, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or ULSD. As the name indicates, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel has had most of the sulfur content removed. Sulfur is a natural lubricant, so when there are “ultra-low” levels, clearly there will be less lubricity. Basically, while the emissions coming out of your vehicle may be better, the removal of other elements has virtually ensured that your performance will be worse.

Depending on the source, some ULSD can pack dirt and deposits which never lead to a smooth-running engine. Deposits in fuel and those that build on your injectors can cause coking, fouling, and poor spray patterns that lead to wasted fuel and diminished fuel economy. Since sampling your fuel at the source before you put it in your tank isn’t generally an option, it makes sense to treat your diesel fuel right away before any problems occur. Not only do you gain peace of mind, but you reap the performance benefits as well.

Howes Diesel Defender bottles

At Howes, we’ve spent decades designing the best additives on the market to offer year-round protection for your valuable engine. As the warmer weather sets in, treating your fuel with Howes Diesel Defender is the perfect choice. Designed to provide maximum lubrication and superior cleaning, Defender is just what you need to protect your injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders. Armed with our proprietary IDX4 Detergent package, Defender destroys all types of stubborn injector deposits, including Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID), and prevents them from returning. An added benefit, Defender also safely removes water, further protecting your engine and leaving only pure fuel to burn. This not only prevents wasted fuel but also prevents the disastrous formation of microbial growth by removing a key element that creates the environment it needs to grow.

Defender, like the entire Howes family of products, is warranty-safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel blends. Even better, it comes with the GUARANTEE of a 5% increase in fuel economy or more. That’s something everyone can use with today’s soaring fuel costs! Look for our products online and wherever quality motor parts and products are sold.

To learn even more about what Defender can do for you, check out this short video when you dive into our Diesel Defender page here.


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