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Diesel Lifeline

Winter Emergency Rescue Product

Howes is proud to introduce our latest product, Howes Diesel Lifeline. This tough and tested formula was designed to deal with diesel emergencies caused by the harshest winter weather. Diesel Lifeline is a fast-acting product that safely reliquefies gelled fuel. It also works to de-ice frozen fuel filters. It is the only diesel emergency solution that contains no alcohol or harmful solvents. Lifeline is the simple, smart choice when you need a gelled diesel fix or a quick thaw for fuel lines. Howes Diesel Lifeline stands apart from other emergency diesel fuel additive products. It does not need pre-mixing before adding to fuel tanks or filters. It functions without requiring you to change your fuel filters, saving you money. It works quickly, often in just 15 minutes, in severe temperatures down to -35°F and beyond. Developed over the course of seven long years, Diesel Lifeline has been proven to meet and exceed the standards of a signature Howes product. It has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to work safely and easily to get you back up and running fast.

Available sizes:

32 oz 64 oz

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Made With No Alcohol

Alcohol is dangerous and abrasive to your system. Diesel Lifeline is the only rescue product made with absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents. 100% petroleum-based and with a flashpoint equal to that of diesel, it is safe enough that you could actually run your engine off it alone without risk of damage.


Re-Liquefies Gelled Fuel

Diesel Lifeline works to chemically modify the melting points of both ice and wax making it possible for fuel to flow freely.


De-Ices Frozen Fuel Filters

The simple, smart solution to winter emergencies, Howes Diesel Lifeline is the only product that requires no fuel mixing or fuel filter change.


Prevents Fuel Filter Icing

Once in the system, Howes Diesel Lifeline not only works to get you rolling again but, it continues to work to prevent fuel filter icing.

Other Features Include

  • Re-liquefies gelled fuel
  • De-ices frozen fuel filters
  • Prevents fuel filter icing
  • Fast acting, often in just 15 minutes
  • Eliminates the need to replace costly fuel filters
  • Requires NO mixing with additional diesel fuel in the fuel filter
  • Warranty safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuels
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful solvents
  • Why Use Howes Diesel Lifeline?

    Imagine going to sleep in 45°F weather and waking up to temperatures hovering in the single digits. It happens all the time. Unexpected temperature drops can catch you off guard at any point throughout the cold winter months. This is especially true if you’re driving across the country.

    Most diesel users know that gelling can be a real problem when temperatures drop below freezing. Using a quality anti-gel such as Howes Diesel Treat is crucial to prevent gelling diesel fuel. However, frigid temperatures could easily creep up on you before you’ve had the chance to treat or before the treatment has made its way through your system. Plus, there is always the chance that you mistakenly forget to add an anti-gel before extremely cold weather hits.

    Smaller vehicles, such as diesel tractors and pick-up trucks, are often prone to gelling even when properly treated. Their smaller fuel filters prove to be more difficult to keep clear. The location of some filters can also cause issues. When they are further away from the warm engine, the fuel has a higher chance of cooling before reaching the filter.

    Diesel fuel gets contaminated easily and these contaminants make it difficult to prevent fuel gelling. Water in diesel engines and poorly winterized fuel are just a few more of many things that can lead to a diesel gel up.

    Winter emergencies can put a real damper on your travel plans or be extremely costly in both time and money. Luckily, Howes Diesel Lifeline can provide an unbeatable solution if you ever find yourself wondering how to fix diesel gelling. This product is 100% petroleum-based and made with absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents. Diesel Lifeline is the safe, simple solution to gelling and icing emergencies.

    Diesel Lifeline was meticulously developed over 7 years. We are confident it is superior to other emergency rescue products in every way. It is the only emergency product made with an advanced formula that chemically modifies the melting points of both ice and wax crystals to make it possible for frozen diesel to flow freely again.

    It reliquefies gelled fuel and de-ices frozen fuel filters safely and easily to get you back on the road fast. It also prevents future fuel filter icing to keep you moving no matter what type of weather you encounter.


HD Semi Truck HD Trucks

Tractor Combine Tractors

Construction Excavator Construction

Recreational Vehicle RV


Part # Size Treat Rate
103093 1 quart As needed, read label
103092 1/2 gal. As needed, read label


This exclusive product is designed for those who are dealing with diesel fuel gelled up emergencies and icing situations caused by freezing temperatures.

If you typically drive in warmer temperatures, you may not know the types of challenges cold weather can bring. It may be surprising that you need to prevent a situation in which you have gel up diesel issues.

Even if you are familiar with the dangers of freezing temperatures in winter months, it can be difficult to always prevent fuel from gelling. If you are caught off guard by a winter storm, this is a must-have product. You can count on Diesel Lifeline to help rescue your vehicle from a dangerous situation.


  • How is Diesel Lifeline different from other emergency rescue products?

    One of the most crucial differentiators of Diesel Lifeline lies in the technological advancements of its components. It is the only emergency rescue product that does not contain harmful alcohol. Alcohol is very abrasive to your system and can cause extensive damage.

    Even more importantly, products that contain alcohol can be dangerous to use because they carry a very low flashpoint. This means they could potentially blow your engine or even ignite upon use.

    Diesel Lifeline has a flashpoint almost equal to that of diesel fuel, so it’s always safe to use. So safe in fact, that you could actually run your vehicle off the product alone with no risk of harm or damage to your fuel system.

    Lifeline is also the only product of its kind that does not require fuel filter changes. Furthermore, it doesn’t need pre-mixing with additional diesel fuel before pouring into your filters. You can pour it directly into your fuel tanks or filter and let it get straight to work. Lifeline works quickly, safely, and easily to save you money and get you back on the road where you belong.

  • How does Diesel Lifeline work?

    Diesel Lifeline is used to reliquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen fuel filters. It works using advanced technology to change the melting points of ice and wax crystals. This process quickly gets fuel flowing, often in just 15 minutes.

    Developed over the course of seven years, Diesel Lifeline has been thoroughly and extensively tested. It is proven effective in temperatures -35°F and beyond. Most emergency products use alcohol and harmful solvents to lower their pour points and to remove water from fuel, but Lifeline is different. It is petroleum-based and contains no alcohol or harmful solvents. Its cutting-edge chemistry allows it to safely get your diesel started and prevent future fuel filter icing.

  • What causes diesel gelling?

    Diesel, like any liquid, is prone to change its state when faced with large temperature fluctuations. But unlike water, which simply freezes in cold temperatures, diesel fuel’s consistency becomes thick and viscous. The paraffin wax in diesel fuel crystalizes and those crystals bind together, slowly turning into a gel-like substance. Think of the look and feel of wax or hair gel to give you an idea.

    This waxy and thick state of the fuel is what drivers mean when they refer to a situation as a “diesel gel up.”

    The good news is, with the right tools, you can get a dependable diesel gelled up fix. If you’re looking for a superior solution for how to fix diesel gelling, consider Diesel Lifeline. It offers a quick thaw for fuel lines and can be your peace of mind from gelled up diesel.

  • Is Diesel Lifeline the same as Diesel Treat?

    No. It is always easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix one.

    Diesel Treat is an anti-gel, which is a proactive diesel fuel treatment. It should be used to prevent gelling diesel fuel in cold weather. It works best when you add it regularly to your fuel before you encounter freezing temperatures. Diesel Treat will help to lower the pour point of diesel and prevent the fuel from gelling.

    Beyond being the nation’s number one trusted anti-gel, Diesel Treat prolongs your engine’s life. It helps to prevent deposits, safely remove water, and get more fuel economy out of every tank.

    Diesel Lifeline is a recovery product. It works quickly to solve emergency situations such as fuel filter icing. It also reliquefies frozen diesel fuel that’s already suffering from a high degree of gelling.

    Thanks to its unique chemistry, Diesel Lifeline can help you thaw out frozen fuel filters and get gelled fuel flowing quickly. This will get you out of a bind and back on the road or in the field.

    While Diesel Lifeline can prevent fuel filter icing, it does not prevent gelling. Therefore, it should not take the place of Diesel Treat. It is meant to be used in an emergency, not as a preventive measure.

  • When should I use Diesel Lifeline?

    Used in gelling or icing emergencies, Diesel Lifeline is like calling a diesel 911 doctor, only you don’t have to wait for anyone to show up. When you have a diesel gel up, Diesel Lifeline is a no brainer because it works quickly and easily. This product was designed to be the best gelled diesel fix in a pinch. If you are experiencing frozen diesel fuel or fuel filters, this is the product to use.

    When you have fuel frozen in your filters and you find yourself stuck, Diesel Lifeline can help prevent disaster. You should use it as soon as your fuel reaches its cloud point, the point at which wax crystals have begun to form. Once that process has started, only a rescue product like Diesel Lifeline can reverse it and get your fuel flowing again.

    We recommend keeping a bottle of Diesel Lifeline in your cab or toolbox at all times, just in case. When temperatures drop, be sure you’ve got a bottle on hand.


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