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Lubricator & Penetrating Oil

With 1001 uses and made from a secret formula of highly refined petroleum ingredients, Howes Multi-Purpose lubricates without evaporation and penetrates (actually permeates) leaving a protective film that will not attract dirt or dust. Howes Multi-Purpose dissolves rust, sludge and gunk while displacing water, and is safe to use on almost any surface.

Available sizes:

11 oz 16 oz

WARNING: Cancer -




The go-to solution for many national fleets. Used to free and prevent frozen brake cables and locks. It cleans and protects chrome wheels, vinyl, and leather seats. Plus, it lubricates air tools, overhead doors, and conveyors.



Used on farm machinery to lubricate and protect motor mounts, gaskets, switches, and relays. Sprayed onto plows and shovels to prevent sticking. Also loosens rust, never gets gummy, and will not attract dirt or dust!



Mechanics use as a non-solvent battery terminal cleaner and rubber dressing. Used as a lubricant for frozen rings, sticky valves, automatic chokes, and linkage. Even removes bugs, road tar, or stains on rubber bumpers.



Used at marinas to seal and insulate all electrical connections and housings. Removes scuff marks from decks and hulls. Removes mildew and lubricates rigging, leaving a thin protective coating. Plus, stops salt corrosion on metal surfaces.



Used in factories across North America as an air tool lubricant, as well as to lubricate and protect cable devices, rollers, and all linkage and electrical terminals. Also serves as an excellent light cutting or tapping oil.

Other Features Include

  • Lubricates without evaporation
  • Penetrates and permeates
  • Displaces water
  • Loosens rust, sludge, and gunk
  • Safe to use on almost any surface
  • 100% petroleum-based
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful solvents
  • Available as a liquid or aerosol


Howes Multi-Purpose was America’s first lubricator and penetrating oil, invented back in 1920 by Wendell V.C. Howes. Over 100 years later, this superior all-in-one product is the only one of its kind to accomplish everything you need it to do, guaranteed. Relied on by repair shop mechanics, national fleet drivers, agricultural workers, marine operators, and literally everyone in between, this secret formula is made of highly refined petroleum ingredients, making it safe to use on almost any surface. Howes Multi-Purpose penetrates and permeates into the narrow spaces between the threads of parts. Containing absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents, this product is able to displace water and leave a protective film that will not evaporate or attract dirt or dust. It frees rusted nuts, bolts, and pieces of mechanical parts, while loosening tar, sludge, and gunk. It lubricates and protects hinges, cranks, chains, and more to stop squeaking, prevent sticking, and allow for smooth operation. It cleans and removes scuffs, stains, glue, and buildup from endless surfaces such as vinyl, leather, rubber, and chrome. It can even be used as a tire dressing, clock oil, or wood stain. With over 1,001 versatile uses, Howes Multi eliminates the need to buy and store multiple products and can be used just about anywhere you need it.  


You may not realize how often everyday items around you require lubrication. While everyone knows that a lubricating and penetrating oil can be used on rusted metal parts, you may not know just how many other things it can be useful for. Learn more about why a product such as this is always handy to have around, and why Howes Multi continues to provide you with the best solution on the market.


  • How Is Howes Multi-Purpose Different From Competitive Products?

    Howes Multi-Purpose is a superior quality all-in-one product. Other brands require specific products for different needs. You could fill up your shelves with endless cans of chain and cable, small engine, and garage door lubricants along with rust protectant, corrosion inhibitor, bike degreaser, and more. Or you could get all of these jobs done, while saving precious space and money, by having one can of Howes Multi-Purpose. The professional grade formula is guaranteed to tackle all these tasks and countless others without sacrificing performance on any job.

  • Is Howes Multi Safe To Use in My Home?

    Yes. Petroleum-based, silicone-free, and made with no alcohol or harmful solvents, Howes Multi is safe and strong enough to clean, lubricate, and protect in both industrial and household environments. Howes Multi-Purpose is not limited to use on heavy gears and machinery. It stops squeaks on door hinges and windows, polishes stainless steel appliances, and even protects roller blade or skateboard wheels. You can spray it on your guns to prevent moisture and fouling, lubricate your fishing rod, then use it to remove price tag glue from your picture frame. It is safe to use on or around electrical wiring, so you can even prevent the sticky removal of light bulbs by spraying it on the threads. 

  • Does the Product Evaporate Quickly?

    No. Howes Multi lubricates without evaporation, so you don’t have to apply it again and again. It leaves a protective film that penetrates and permeates, displaces water, and repels dirt and dust.


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