I think you have a good product.

I have a tractor that only gets used in the summer. It had summer fuel in it. It was about 10 degrees out when I decided to try your Lifeline product. I pulled the fuel filter off and it had ice in it. I dumped in some of your product and put the fuel back in the filter. I dumped your product in the fuel tank. I had to let the battery charge for about a 1/2 hour. The tractor cranked over quite a bit then it spit and sputtered for a couple minutes. Then it ran great. Normally if I want to use this tractor I normally have to replace the filter and put new fuel in it. I think you have a good product. And I am going to buy some more.


I have been using your product for 23 years and never....

NEVER had an issue. Didn't matter if I was in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, your products kept me going. That's includes the railroad equipment that I work on, not just my personal vehicle and work truck. Thank you Howes! The other 'stuff' is marginal at best. I couldn't get Howes down in Texas unless I special ordered it. Paid the price for that....truck was down for a week. Not gonna be with Howes again!


Thank you for a literal life saving product!

Been adding Howes Diesel Treat to my 2010 Ram since I bought it four years ago during our usual fairly mild Texas winters. Also treated my 2016 New Holland T 4.75 tractor. Until this past week the winters were mild, we've had real temp lows around zero to 5 degrees the past few days. I have a ranch and my truck and tractor have both started and ran well the past ten days of this mess. Thanks to your product I was able to tend to my cattle who were depending on me to show up every day for food and water. Every other rancher I know with a diesel truck or tractor had fuel issues, What's your secret? They all wanted to know. Just add Howes fellas, it just works! Thank you for a literal life saving product!

Larry C.
Burleson, TX

I've been using your products for the past 6 yrs. !

And I'm very pleased with the results I've had. Keep up the good work and Thank you.

Mike M.
Battle Creek, MI

I would like to say that your product is excellent.

Smoother idling, improved fuel mileage and improved power. A person would have to use this product to appreciate it and see the difference in performance. One happy driver,

Arthur M.
Deer Lake, Cdn

I became an owner operator in 2001 and have been using your product faithfully year round.

I haul fuel for a company based in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I travel to various destinations throughout northern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, in temperatures ranging from 30 to -50 below 0. I have never experienced a fuel system problem of any kind. I have also done a comparison in my fuel mileage and on the performance of my truck and found that using Howes makes all the difference. Yours truly,

Paul C.
Edmonton, Canada

It's not very often I find a product that really works as advertised.

After two tanks of fuel with your Howes Lubricator my 1994 Ford diesel stopped smoking and mis- firing when first started. It runs smoother, more power and fuel mileage is much better. I have 98,000 miles on the F250 and it runs as well now as it did when it was new. Thank you for the Howes Lubricator, my trucks will never run without it.

Bill C.
Medford, OR

I use your product year round. It works great!

I began using it in the winter of 1991 and am pleased with the result. My truck has never frozen up. Last year, a truly brutal winter, I passed many trucks that had fuel problems, feeling very fortunate to be moving. Since I am still relatively new to trucking, it was satisfying to know that I chose a winner in Howes Anti-Gel. Thank you,

Ben B.
Chesapeake, VA

Great product, and great response.

I use the Howes Multi-Purpose everywhere. It is the only product that has my sliding patio doors working like new. Thank you so much.

Lloyd N.
La Grange, TX

I just wanted you to know how well your product has performed for me.

I believe in it 110%. Being from Michigan I know what cold winters are about and what gelling can do, not only to down time but repairs as well. Your product has kept me on the road. So keep making your product and I'll keep buying it. Your Friend in Trucking,

Bryan J.
Rockford, MI

I am a company driver and am pleased to say that our company uses Howes Diesel Treatment…

almost exclusively as its primary fuel additive. So far this winter, my truck has made it through the best that mother nature has thrown at us, from the Northwest to the Southeast. Thanks for a quality product! Sincerely,

Paul B.
Sparta, WI

We have been using your product for a 1 ½ years and since that time we…

have had no problems with our diesels. Before that we replaced several injector pumps and had gelling and injector problems constantly. Thank you for a product that works!

Richard D.
Springport, MI

I am writing to let you know we have been using your Howes Diesel Treat…

for eight years now in our Diesel trucks and find the performance outstanding. There haven't been any problems with our fuel injectors and our fuel filters last 3 times longer. We stand behind Howes Lubricator products 100%. Thank you,

James P.
East Gore, Canada

I have been in the transportation industry for over three decades…

and since the very beginning I have used Howes Lubricator products. Howes products have never once failed me for one moment. In my early years I used to haul for a company in northern Alaska. Up there you do not fool around with fuel protection, you use something that you can rely on. Since that time I have stuck with Howes products because I think they are the most reliable products on the market today. Thank you,

Richard S.
Akron, NY

I am so happy that I finally found a product that I can trust.

I started to use the Meaner Power Kleaner because I felt that my engine was getting sluggish. I used it at every oil change and it made a difference right away, but then slowly went back. Then I decided to use it for every fill up and do a mileage test. Wow! Was I surprised to find out the savings not only paid for the product but I got more power, less smoke, easy startup and less shifting. The savings were about 6-7%. I run a gravel truck and trailer and have told all the guys about your product. It’s nice to find something that really works. Thanks,

Wayne H.
Surrey BC, Canada

We started using your “Diesel Treat” some 3-4 years ago.

Since then, we have not experienced a single winter related shut down. That impressed me so much, we use it year round! Thank you for a quality product. Sincerely,

Dave R.
Ada, MI

I have been using your product for 2 years, and have seen an improvement…

in fuel mileage and power. When asked by fellow truckers why my truck runs so well, I recommend they go get some Howes. Thank you for making a great product.

Kevin C.
Chazy, NY

We are thrilled to say that Howes Lubricator Products are the best!

We have been using Howes Lubricator Diesel Treat and Howes Meaner Power Kleaner in our race hauler for the past four years. These two products alone have saved us money by keeping our injectors and pumps clean. We have seen improvement in fuel mileage that saves us money also. We will NOT run any other product in our Cummins and Kubota diesel engines! Sincerely yours,

Trevor L.
Mt. Olive, NC

I am an avid hunter who uses your Howes Lubricator and Penetrating Oil for all my firearms.

I want you to know that it is the best product I have ever used. All of my firearms are kept in peak condition because of your product. Keep up the good work!

Joe C.
Brookhaven, NY

I was curious to see what other products you provided and what uses they have.

I was amazed by the several useful products for automotive, diesel and shop usage. Living in a rural area only your diesel products are known to me. I took your products to heart after reading your guarantee on your diesel treatment. This type of product confidence and backing is what others only wish to do. I have used it and the results are self-evident. Thank you for the quality products. Sincerely Yours,

Darcy S.
Lisbon, NY

I own a 1 ton Diesel Ford pickup. I have tried several diesel treatments since moving to Texas.

I have not found a product that gives me the results your Howes Diesel Treatment gives. Thank you,

Darlene E.
Galesville, TX

When Howes Meaner Power Kleaner was added to your product line we…

automatically added it to ours. My family owns a truck accessory shop and we were familiar with Howes quality and reputation. When any company says “Try this, if you don’t like it I’ll refund your money” you can bet they’re confident in their product. After trying Howes Power Kleaner in our company owned vehicles I feel just as confident recommending it to our customers. We found our trucks idled smoother, ran better and smoked less almost immediately after adding the cleaner to the fuel. With results like that, backed by a money back guarantee, there is no way I could go wrong recommending it. Thanks Howes,

Phil C.
Elkhart, IN

I am a five generation logger and way proud of it.

I use your products and so did ‘ole Grand Dad until he had another life to go to. The results have been amazing. Keep up the good work.

Dennis W.
Bend, OR

As a company driver I have no choice of what equipment I drive but…

fuel and additive are my choice. I can tell you from experience that your “Diesel Treat” makes the engine idle a lot smoother and seems to pull better. I will continue using your product because of these benefits. Thanks,

Jim S.
Milo, Maine

I used Howes Diesel Treat this winter, so far it has bailed me out several times…

during a couple of trips to North & South Dakota with wind chills at -50. So I use Diesel Treat on a regular basis. Stuff really works. Thanks,

John R.
Waco, TX

When I had a 425 CAT a few years back I parked it a lot when I was home with low tanks.

Well CATS don’t like water so I changed a lot of fuel filters ‘til I tried some Howes. It was summertime and I only would put about a quarter bottle in the tanks and had no filter problems and no problems with water again. I’ve used Howes for about 15 years now and wouldn’t be without it summer or winter! Thanks for being Howes,

Don F.
Garden City, MI

I’ve been a heavy diesel mechanic now for some 25 years…

and know a good product when it works and yours does. Trucks run better, more power, no gel truck runs, less smoke. I will continue to use Howe’s products. Thank you,

Mark S.
Martell, NE

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