At Howes, we’re committed to providing you the absolute highest performing products for your vehicles and equipment. Proven to work and containing absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents, you can be confident that all Howes products are Tested. Trusted. GUARANTEED.

Ico Tested


Howes has drawn on one hundred years of experience and expertise to perfect our proprietary formulas and ultimately deliver peak performance and efficiency. We never rush a product’s release. Each and every one of our offerings is tirelessly researched and extensively tested — proven in the lab and in the field. It’s this combination of patience and dedication, along with the highest-quality ingredients and advanced technologies, that results in the best and most reliable products on the market today.

Ico Trusted


At Howes, we’ve been making performance fluids for moving parts and vehicles for over a century. As a fifth-generation, family owned and operated company, our culture is our business. It takes passion and commitment to develop the safest, most effective products available. And we take pride in being the industry’s most reliable company. Trusted and depended on by countless professionals to perform when it matters most, our customers know that when they choose Howes, they have an entire family standing behind them.

Ico Guaranteed


Our products will never let you down. It’s that simple. The Howes family stands behind everything we make because we know it works, period. That’s why we are able to offer the industry’s best guarantees, hassle free, on every one of our products. And with our exceptional team in your corner offering their expertise and dedicated customer support you can be confident moving forward, knowing you’re covered no matter what. When you pick up a bottle of Howes, you become part of the family.

100% guarantee


More than just a mantra or a catchy tagline, our products are truly
Tested. Trusted. GUARANTEED.

Winter Tow

You Go or We Pay the Tow.

Howes was the first company ever to offer a FREE Winter Tow Guarantee. Proven over millions of miles by countless fleets and over the road truckers, Howes Diesel Treat is the product that will keep your truck going all winter long or Howes pays the tow.

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Guarantee 100 Moneyback 2

100% Money Back Guarantee.

All Howes products from automotive to trucking carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you are not satisfied with any Howes product, simply mail us your original receipt for a full refund.

Our Guarantee


To register, fill out the information below and upload a photo of your sales reciept.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Fill out the above information.
  2. Include an image of your original sales receipt(s) for one case of Howes Diesel Treat.
  3. Sales receipt(s) must be dated within one year prior to tow.
  4. Save future sales receipts to prove steady use of Howes each time you add fuel.
  5. One Registration Card must be on file at Howes for each vehicle, each year or claim will not be honored.
  6. You must use a minimum of six ½ gallons or six 1.9 liters (one case) of Howes Diesel Treat prior to making any claim.
  7. To file a tow claim, call Howes at 401-294-5500 or 1-800-438-9080.
  8. The Free Tow Guarantee is limited to the actual towing fee up to a maximum of $500.00.
  9. All tow claims must be submitted by March 31st.
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