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Oil Enhancer

Oil and Engine Protector

Howes Oil Enhancer is a state-of-the-art, 100% petroleum-based product that helps prolong engine and oil life. This high-tech formula is designed to protect your engine from heat and corrosion. Fortified with friction modifiers for less engine drag, Howes Oil Enhancer will help maintain optimal operating temperature and reduce oil consumption.

Available sizes:

32 oz 1 gal

WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Reduces Oil Consumption

Howes Oil Enhancer helps seal minor leaks and provides oxidation control, preventing deposit formation and the oil from turning to sludge. Sealed leaks prevent waste and cleaner oil has a longer lifespan. This leads to decreased engine-out emissions and less oil consumption.


Maintains Optimal Engine Temperature

Heavier oils can withstand the workload created by a diesel motor. At high temperatures however, the oil’s viscosity can still become too thin. Howes Oil Enhancer helps maintain optimal engine temperature and reduces the rate of viscosity change, improving engine power.


Prevents Excessive Wear

Howes Oil Enhancer increases oil’s lubricity, reducing friction, improving seal life, and protecting metal on metal parts from excess wear. This helps reduce heat in differentials and quiets engine noise. The result is not just a smoother ride, but increased fuel economy as well.

Other Features Include

  • Extends oil and engine life
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Boosts power and MPG
  • Maintains optimal engine temperature
  • Prevents excess metal-on-metal wear
  • Inhibits harmful engine acids
  • Reduces dry starts
  • Helps stop minor oil leaks
  • Contains advanced friction modifier
  • Warranty safe and 100% petroleum-based
  • Why Use Oil Enhancer?

    Engine oil plays a vital role in your vehicle’s ability to perform. All engines, from those in cars and trucks to ones in air compressors and farm equipment, require proper oil maintenance. When you have a diesel-powered engine, it is even more important to set up regular oil changes. Diesel engines often turn at a lower rate than motors run by gasoline, however, they create greater pressure. Engine oil cools, lubricates, and protects the many parts of your diesel engine including the pistons. When your oil gets too low, mechanical troubles are right around the corner. Go too long without an oil change and your oil will become dirty or turn to sludge, no longer drawing heat from the engine. This could result in overheating, a blown gasket, or even worse, a seized engine. But is changing your oil enough to keep your diesel performing its best? The road to peak performance starts with a quality oil additive. Adding a safe-to-use, 100% petroleum-based additive like Howes Oil Enhancer can improve the performance of your oil and your engine, saving you time and money.


Part # Case/Units Directions for Use Amt Based on Oil Capacity
203100 12 - 1 Quart Older Engines 5-25%
203000 4 - 1 Gallon Newer Engines 5-20%
- - Air Compressors 5-10%
- - Motorcycles 5-10%
- - Lawnmowers 5-10%


If you’re new to diesel powered engines, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Do you really need a special set of products to help your diesel do its job? The answer is, yes. Treating diesel engines with fuel additives is one way to improve the life of your vehicle. Treating your oil is another. Helping your engine to maintain top-of-the-line performance requires preventive maintenance with quality additives. Howes Oil Enhancer works with other Howes fuel additives to improve the power and life of your engine. Read the following FAQs to understand why you need an oil additive and what it can do to help your vehicle.


  • Why Do I Need an Oil Additive?

    Oil additives are used to enhance existing base oil properties and suppress the undesirable ones. They serve as corrosion inhibitors, demulsifying agents, and foam preventers. Without an oil additive, you run the risk of increasing wear and tear on your engine, overheating, and sacrificing fuel economy. Over time, untreated oil can result in rust and corrosion, oil sludge, or even breakdowns that leave you with serious engine damage. It may or may not surprise you to know that most oil is treated with some type of oil additive by the oil manufacturer. However, these additives are rarely enough to preserve the life of your oil for extended periods of time. A quality oil additive, such as Howes Oil Enhancer, increases the benefits of your base oil and extends oil life. This gives your car, truck, or even RV the ability to perform at its best.

  • How Does Oil Enhancer Increase the Life of My Engine?

    When you put oil into your engine, it should create enough viscosity to assist your engine’s parts in running smoothly, without severe wear and tear. More wear means higher temperature and friction. With its specialized formula, Howes Oil Enhancer helps to maintain optimal engine temperature and reduces wear by preventing the viscosity from becoming too thin. Fortified with friction modifiers, Oil Enhancer also reduces friction, creating less engine drag. It helps to stop minor oil leaks without thickening the oil’s viscosity. Maintaining the correct viscosity helps to improve engine power. By adding lubricity, Oil Enhancer further protects your engine from excess metal on metal wear and prevents engine seizure. Preventing engine wear, along with all the other benefits created by Oil Enhancer, increases the life of your engine.

  • Can Oil Enhancer Be Used in Any Motor Oil?

    Howes Oil Enhancer is safe and effective for use with conventional, synthetic, and semi-synthetic oils. It is backwards compatible and blends well with other auto heavy-duty lubricants. When used as directed, it will not void manufacturers’ warranties.


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“I Just Wanted To Say Thank You...”

We just went through a hurricane in Florida. I have been storing a drum of diesel fuel for 7 years adding your product every six months. The fuel is running my generator for 3 days now on 7 year old diesel. Don't change a thing your products are great.

- Bill Allen

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