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Future Farmers of America

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By Erika Howes

Howes Partners With Future Farmers of America

Howes Products is proud to announce that we have become a partner with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) Organization.  

FFA is a dynamic national youth organization that changes lives and prepares students for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. The organization has created an education model that offers a full spectrum of training necessary for students to succeed in various areas within the agriculture industry. This model includes classroom and laboratory learning to help students develop employability skills, as well as hands-on training in real-world settings.   

To accomplish this, FFA provides lab and classroom learning encounters taught by more than 13,000 certified educators. Additionally, every FFA member is required to create a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project aimed at strengthening their understanding of a particular concept or subject they’ve encountered in the classroom. SAE projects allow students to put their knowledge to work and provide experiential learning opportunities. Based on the student's interests, projects can include all types of things from renting land to growing crops, or even restoring a piece of farm equipment. 


Howes will be funding eight SAE grants that will help awarded students who need additional resources to either begin a new project or expand on an existing one. These project initiatives will revolve around power, structural, and technical systems. Awarded at $1,000 per approved applicant, these grants are a critical component in helping students to gain valuable experience and develop essential career skills. 

“We are so pleased to welcome Howes Products as a partner with FFA,” said Christopher Bell, Regional Director for Corporate Contributions. “Through their help with the Supervised Agriculture Experience grant program, we can ensure that even more students get the necessary support they need to fulfill their dreams and goals in the vibrant field of farming and agriculture.” 

What’s more, Howes will be able to mentor students, helping to deliver guidance for career and personal development. They can also provide guest speakers for classes with a tailored curriculum dedicated to the areas of diesel fuel, diesel systems, and diesel additives and lubricants. Bell continues, “The folks at Howes have extensive knowledge on how to provide solutions that help vehicles and equipment operate properly and efficiently. Their input will add even more value to the partnership, helping students become familiar with additional challenges they may face in the field. We look forward to seeing the impact that this gift will have on our FFA members.” 

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“One of the most terrific parts of this partnership is that we will have a chance to help many students understand the critical role that diesel fuel plays in the farm and ag industry,” said Rob Howes, Executive Vice President of Howes Products. He, along with his sister Erika, represents the fifth generation of Howes leadership and comes bearing priceless information on a topic that will surely be of the utmost importance to almost all students entering the industry. “When you consider that diesel engines power about 75% of all farm equipment, transport 90% of farm products, and pump about 20% of agriculture’s irrigation water in the US, it's no stretch to say that these future leaders will certainly be dealing with, and in some cases dependent on, diesel fuel.” 


For more information on Future Farmers of America visit ffa.org 

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