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If you bought it, a trucker brought it! Pandemic or not!

By Rich Guida

Currently, the trucking industry is struggling with a shortage of drivers.  Freight companies alone are dealing with a driver shortage upwards of 50,000. A great occupation and career, it faces the same challenges as many industries – an aging working class and difficulty recruiting.  Although some may take the industry for granted, at Howes, we recognize the vital role truck drivers and the trucking industry play in DRIVING economic growth within the United States.  75% of all freight transported in the US is done by trucks and, fighting through the pandemic, they slowed but never stopped!  

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In a continued effort to support the addition of more drivers, Howes is partnered with SAGE Truck Driving Schools to proudly offer the “Howes Truckers of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship Program.” The scholarship is funded by Howes and can be applied at all SAGE Truck Driving Schools across the country. SAGE has 25 locations nationwide and provides high quality one-on-one CDL training of entry-level commercial truck drivers, and driver training to some of Americas Fortune 100 companies and fleets. The “Howes Truckers of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship” will be awarded to students at each SAGE location throughout the year. Howes offers these scholarships annually, with two to three scholarships being awarded each month. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet all trucking industry qualifications and demonstrate a financial need. 


For more information and to fill out an application, visit: howesproducts.com/community#truckers-of-tomorrow 

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