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Santa Sighted in a Diesel Sleigh

Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Farm, Diesel

By Rich Guida and Erika Howes

Usually pulled by reindeer, Santa has apparently switched to a more powerful, reliable, and efficient diesel sleigh to make sure presents get delivered on time.

Further reports indicate that Santa has been preparing for a cold Christmas Eve by faithfully adding Howes Diesel Treat at every fill-up to guarantee that he won’t have to worry about gelled fuel on the big night. Like his reindeer before, Santa knows to treat his new fuel system with care. Diesel Treat, the most trusted anti-gel and fuel conditioner available, not only prevents diesel fuel from gelling, but also safely removes water, adds vital lubricity, and prevents deposits from forming.

As an added safety precaution, Mrs. Claus insisted on Santa making a little extra room in the sleigh for some Howes Diesel Lifeline. Never knowing just how quickly frigid temperatures might strike, she stresses how important it is that he be prepared for anything. The only alcohol-free emergency rescue product that requires no filter replacement or mixing with additional diesel fuel, Lifeline ensures Santa will barely miss a beat even if extremely severe weather causes him to ice up.


Howes is proud to be Santa’s go-to this holiday season, helping to make sure that his new sleigh performs at its very best. With Howes in his tank, there’s no question that all the presents will arrive on time, safe and sound – unless of course, you’re on the naughty list and don’t treat your diesel system right!

Santa also knows that Howes products make great gifts for all the diesel drivers in your life. From truckers in big rigs to farmers on tractors, to pick up drivers and equipment users in between, Howes has a full line of products that will make any diesel owner smile. Make sure to check them all out and find the perfect product for you or your loved one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Howes Products!

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