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The Importance of Diesel Fuel on the Farm

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By Howes Products


Whether it's tractors, pickup trucks, or combines, diesel is the lifeblood that keeps farm equipment going. From a tank full to a storage tank, you can always find diesel somewhere on the farm. There’s probably no liquid more important to farmers than diesel fuel, except maybe water. But even that can cause problems from time to time. Water that forms in fuel tanks can cause microbial growth, degrading the fuel and destroying its stability. Left untreated, the microbial growth can lead to slime, sludge, acid formation, rust, corrosion, and filter plugging. As such, it’s well known that taking care of diesel fuel is critical to today’s farmers. When the performance of your diesel equipment can make or break your year, you always want to be sure everything is working properly.



From pre to post harvest, there is constantly a task that involves some type of diesel equipment. Whether it’s plowing fields, planting, harvesting, or delivering crops, diesel vehicles play a role. That means your diesel engines are working hard for you all year round and facing a multitude of challenges. The warmer weather is often when water can mix with air and temperature to create algae and bacteria. As the season forges on, untreated diesel can start to form carbon deposits, draining your equipment of power and performance. Lubricity, or lack thereof, is another issue diesel fuel faces, putting your injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders at risk. Even bulk storage tanks run into problems over time.



Here at Howes Products, we understand all the challenges farmers face when it comes to diesel fuel, and we have developed the best diesel additive for your needs. Howes Meaner Power Kleaner is farm formulated for superior power and performance. It is designed to stabilize stored fuel and eliminate sediment formation. Utilizing the superior strength of Howes IDX4 Detergent, Meaner Power Kleaner has the ability to destroy even the toughest deposits from your injectors and prevent future deposits from forming. This helps to enable more complete combustion, reducing emissions and the need for harmful Cetane improvers. It provides vital lubricity, which is lacking in today’s ULSD fuel and protects the entire fuel system. Plus, it safely removes water eliminating the environment that promotes microbial growth. This prevention can save thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of removing algae and bacteria from equipment or storage tanks.


Howes Meaner Power Kleaner bottle


One of the best features about Meaner Power Kleaner is it’s made using absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents. Other products use harmful alcohol to remove water, potentially causing damage to your system. One hundred percent petroleum-based and safe to use in all types of diesel emission systems, Meaner Power Kleaner is a year-round product that will strictly protect all diesel engines, never causing harm. One thing farmers don’t have time to worry about is the performance of their equipment. With Meaner Power Kleaner, you can make sure all your vehicles and equipment are working as hard as you do, no matter the season.


                  • Specially designed for fuel storage and stabilization
                  • Boosts engine performance and power
                  • Cleans and lubricates injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders
                  • Safely removes water
                  • Alcohol-free


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