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Howes is Hitting the Road

Heavy Duty, Diesel Lifeline

By Howes


We are hitting the road, visiting truck stops on some of the coldest parts of Interstate 80 over the course of three states. Starting on January 26th at Iowa 80 - the World’s Largest Truck Stop, the Howes Team is set to personally present their revolutionary emergency rescue product, Howes Diesel Lifeline. Knowing the vital role truck drivers play in this country and how difficult that role can be, we aim to make winter driving a little easier and a lot safer. Armed with the only alcohol-free diesel rescue product, the Howes Team is excited to show drivers how they can get out of a bind and back on the road quicker than ever.

When you’re driving in the winter, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. Whether you came from warmer weather, forgot to treat with Howes Diesel Treat Anti-gel, or got hit with sudden brutal temperatures, gelling, and icing is something that can happen to anyone. We all know the regular things we should do to be prepared for an emergency: pack extra clothes, warm blankets, flashlights, food, and water. But what can we do to solve an emergency situation when it happens? The answer is easy – use Howes Diesel Lifeline.

Map of Howes Diesel Lifeline Tour route.

You might be wondering what makes Diesel Lifeline so revolutionary that it warrants a whole tour in its name. “The thing is, there aren’t a ton of emergency rescue products out there,” explained Rob Howes, Executive Vice President and Chief Testing Officer at Howes. “And the ones currently available all use harmful alcohol. They may work to get your fuel flowing, but at a threatening cost.” Alcohol is corrosive and can degrade plastic, rubber, and even metal parts in the fuel system. From swelled fuel lines to melted pistons, countless issues can occur if you introduce alcohol to your system. One of the scariest prospects of using an alcohol-based rescue product is that it has a flashpoint of around 65°F, while diesel fuel has an average flash point of around 150°F. Using a product with that low of a flashpoint in diesel fuel is very hazardous. Petroleum-based and made with absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents, Lifeline has been designed to have the combustion properties of diesel fuel, with a nearly identical flashpoint. On top of being much safer, this means no engine knocking, no corrosion to engine components or fuel lines, and clean emissions identical to that of fuel. For all intents and purposes, you could actually run your vehicle on it without causing any damage.

“We spent 7 years developing Lifeline so we could present a product that was safe for both drivers and their vehicles,” continued Rob. “Instead of using harmful and dangerous alcohol, our product uses advanced technology to chemically modify the melting points of ice and wax safely, preventing system damage and increasing engine life.” Diesel Lifeline re-liquefies gelled fuel and de-ices frozen fuel filters in a revolutionary way that no other product has been able to match.

Next Exit Truck Stop sign

Beyond being a safe, stable product, Lifeline also has practical advantages that can’t be beat. If gelling or icing occur, it’s guaranteed you’re dealing with extremely cold temperatures. Standing outside your vehicle can quickly become a treacherous prospect. Because it contains no alcohol, Lifeline can be used at 100% concentration in the fuel filter. This eliminates any need to waste time mixing it with additional, non-gelled diesel fuel, which you may not even have handy. Unlike other products of its kind, Lifeline does not require expensive, time-consuming fuel filter changes. You simply pour it in and let it go to work, equating to less time being stuck in unforgiving weather. Lifeline saves even more time by working incredibly fast. In most cases taking effect in just 15 minutes, it saves you the cost of extended downtime and wasted revenue. Simple and easy to use, Lifeline helps to protect you just as much as it does your vehicle.

“We’re looking forward to meeting drivers in what is essentially their workplace, to bring them real-world solutions to real-world problems,” says Erika Howes, V.P. of Business Development. “Grabbing a meal, a hot shower, and enjoying a little rest at a truck stop might seem like a nice break but can quickly turn into a disaster if when you come back out, your truck won’t start. We’re joining folks out in the cold to show them with Howes, they don’t have to stay stuck, and they don’t have to risk damaging their vehicle to get it rolling.”

Everyone at Howes recognizes that awareness is key in the driver space. Knowing that existing emergency rescue products are taking shortcuts by using dangerous solvents and alcohol can be daunting. We felt that the best way to spread the news of our new alternative solution was to do it in person and with a little flare. To help demonstrate how big our confidence in Lifeline is, we completely wrapped a 53’ trailer to accompany us on this tour. We want to bring to life the benefit story of Lifeline to the men and women who are facing these intense weather challenges all winter long. With fun prizes and lots of energy, we’re hoping to show drivers how much we appreciate them and how we aim to only produce products guaranteed to make their lives a little easier.

Howes Diesel Lifeline bottle on snow

Here at Howes, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Catch us at one of 14 truck stops as we travel through Iowa and Nebraska, making our final stop in Wyoming on February 11th. If you see the Howes Rig at a truck stop, the Howes Team will be there too. You can come by and talk to a real truck driver about Howes products or let a team member introduce you to all the benefits of Lifeline. You can also pop into the Howes tent to take a quick break from the cold. Plus, you can take the Lifeline challenge and get yourself a gift card or some cool Howes gear. Follow us on our Facebook page to keep up with the tour route and find out where we’ll be stopping next. Additionally, you can post pictures with the Howes Rig, a team member, or a bottle of Lifeline to be eligible to win even more great prizes. Things will definitely be heating up on the Howes Lifeline Tour, so keep your eyes peeled and always remember to DRIVE SAFE!

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