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Winter Weather Predictions 2022/2023

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By Rich Guida


Now that we are a couple of weeks into fall, it’s officially safe to say that winter is right around the corner. What that winter will look like however, is still anyone’s guess. What we do know for sure is that you need to be prepared for whatever winter may have in store, especially when cold temperatures could sneak up on you well before December 21st. As fall sets in, it is important to start treating with Howes Diesel Treat, the nation’s most trusted anti-gel. When you run the risk of starting out in warm temperatures and winding up in cold ones, the chances of diesel fuel gelling begin to rise. It’s never too soon to be prepared, so you should also grab a bottle of Howes Diesel Lifeline in case winter weather catches you by surprise. The only emergency rescue product to safely re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen filters without the use of harmful alcohol, Lifeline can quickly become the hero you need. Don’t get stuck without it.  


While you start preparing for what lies ahead, take a peek at what the future may hold. Here is a collection of predictions from notable sources to help you plan ahead. 


First published back in 1792, the Old Farmer’s Almanac was founded by Robert B. Thomas, whose formula notes are still locked up safely in a black box in New Hampshire. While weather folklore used to predict a hard winter by lots of acorns, tough apple skins, and thick corn husks, Thomas believed the weather fluctuated due to magnetic storms on the surface of the Sun. Today, the Old Almanac still claims an accuracy rate between 80 and 85 percent and is calling for a split winter across the country. Will you be driving in wet and mild areas or across freezing, snow-covered roads? Find out here and be sure to carry Diesel Lifeline in case you wind up on the wrong side of the forecast! 



Utilizing a top-secret formula based on tidal action, planetary position, sunspot activity, and more, the new Farmers’ Almanac is still one of the oldest sources of weather forecasts. This year, the almanac predicts a winter full of snow and below-normal temperatures across the US. Looks like you’ll need plenty of diesel fuel anti-gel additives to face what they say is coming! 




Keep an eye on up-to-date forecasts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Weather Prediction Center. Their Interactive National Forecast chart will help keep you in the know, so you can avoid gelled diesel today and frozen diesel fuel filters later as winter starts to bear down! 



Ski bums know snow, so we thought it might be useful to include a prediction from a ski industry leader. Meteorologist Chris Tomer shares his thoughts on what we can expect as winter follows on the heels of fall. “I’m forecasting that…the Pacific Northwest has the highest likelihood of above-normal snowfall.” New England is expected to see above-normal snowfall as well as some other northern states. Check out which ski resorts are predicted to have the most consistent winter snowfall, then try to avoid those areas if you’re not looking to hit the slopes!  




Meteorologists say we’re headed into a cold phase, known as La Niña, for the third straight year in a row. A “triple dip” La Niña is extremely rare, but it seems like it just won’t go away. A main driver of weather from late fall all the way through early spring, the climate pattern occurs when colder-than-average water runs through the Pacific Ocean. It will typically bring with it cold and snow to the Northwest, leaving the southern tier of the nation with unusually dry conditions. What will other areas on the map experience with this La Niña? Check it out below and be sure to get yourself prepared! 




The link is a video containing predictions for winter precipitation, temperatures, snowfall, and more. Keep an eye on the great maps throughout the video to see whether or not this winter is likely to take you by storm!  



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Do any of these predictions sound right to you? Mother Nature can be hard to pin down, but everybody knows Old Man Winter never takes a whole season off. As you get yourself ready for temperature drops ahead, make sure stocking the best diesel fuel additives is on your to-do list. Explore the Howes website for more information on the nation’s most trusted winter products and find out where to get them on the Howes Where to Buy page.   

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